Butter Marie Supersit
Protamin Marie
Classic Marie
Royal Bengal Marie
Special Butter Nutri
Crack Jack
Big Fun
Cream Cracker
No Sugar Cream Cracker
Jeera Cream Cracker
Sugar Free Vegetable Cracker
Orange cream
Cream fill (Chocolate)
Lemon Cream
Pineapple Cream
Milky Super Cream
Cream fill Rs. 1/- Sachet
Orange Cream Rs. 1/- Sachet
Lemon Cream Rs 1/- Sachet
Excellent Super Square
Brown Healthy Cream Cracker
Makhan Marie
Tok Jhal Eliche
Orange Cream Rs. 1/- Sachet

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar And Sugar Products, Edible Fats, Milk And Milk Products, Salt, Leaving Agents Permitted Emulsifiers, Antioxidants, Color and Other Added Flavours.

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