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Sugar Free Vegetable Cracker

A-One biscuit introduces Sugarfree Vegetable Cracker Biscuit which is manufactured with carrot, tomato, ginger, bita carottin and other natural extract, as per ISI rule.

Its speciality is, sugar, color, flavour are not used on it. And as there is Anti Oxidant , as a result it takes special care for sugar & heart patients and it increase digetion power and helps to prevent various diseases. Except it A-One biscuit introduces Frunto Crunch biscuit, which is made with fruits. Except them you get 30 more mindblowing various biscuits, which are filled with testy cum nurishment.

Ingredients : Carbohydrate, Proteins, Minerals, Fiber, Calcium, Iron, B-Carotene, Energy

Available in: 200 gms


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